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Snowshoe Hike from Akureyri

When the north of Iceland is covered in snow, this winter trail is our favorite. Away from the beaten track we hike into the Troll Mountains, where nature is at its best. The hike takes us to a remote mountain lake surrounded by steep ridges and some of the most dramatic lava peaks of Iceland. If you like hiking in unspoiled nature, you will love this tour with its unique landscapes and scenery. 

The Hidden Mountain Lake is a private snowshoe tour. 

To make your stay in Akureyri complete, you can combine the snowshoe hike with a tour to Mývatn or Siglufjörður. Or visit to one of our natural baths.

Tour description:

After a 40 minute drive we put on our snowshoes give a couple of instructions and start the hike. Right from the beginning we gain a lot of elevation which which can get more demanding in fresh and deep snow. After the little climb, we hike in the shadow of the towering lava peaks. Now the hike is much easier and the terrain almost flat. When we arrive at the frozen lake we take time for a picnic while enjoying the winter scenery. After lunch we leave the lake and walk back allong a snow covered lava field towards the vehicle.

Difficulty Level: 


For everyone in good health with a fair hiking condition. 

Be aware that snowshoeing is heavier than walking. On fresh snow you sink deeper and climbing takes more effort. Also the weather influences the difficulty level; the harder the weather, the more challenging the snowshoe hike is.



Departure time:

09:00 AM


7 to 8 hours (5 to 6 hours on snowshoes)


From the 15th of January until the 15th of April


Snowshoeing off the beaten track

Unforgettable winter landscapes

The frozen mountain lake in the shadow of dramatic lava peaks

Picnic by the lake


Snowshoes, hiking poles, transportation and guide (English, French, Spanish, Dutch)

Warm drink.

Not included: 

We do not provide picnic

What to bring:

Dress warm enough, we are on an arctic island in winter time. Weather conditions can change suddenly!

For your own comfort and safety don't show up 'underdressed'.

  • Waterproof and/or windproof jacket (also waterproof pants are recommended as you often sink in snow)

  • Hiking boots or solid shoes

  • Fleece or wool sweater, or both

  • Thermal underwear makes winter very comfortable

  • Winter outdoor pants. (Jeans is a bad idea. It's not warm, gets wet very easy and takes long to dry. Unless you got extra waterproof pants to cover them of course.)

  • Warm hat, scarf and gloves

  • Sunglasses and sun protection. Let's be optimistic.

  • Snack and water bottle (it is just as easy to get dehydrated during the winter as it is in the summer)

  • Small backpack can be good to put your extras in (camera, lunch, snack, water, sweater).

Please Note: 

Due to weather or road conditions the tour might take more time, less time, or be cancelled. 

This hike is not intended for children under the age of 14. For families with kids we recommend the Snowshoe Delight. 

We use our snowshoes when there is enough snow, or put on trail crampons if there is more ice than snow.


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