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"The best things to do in Akureyri during the winter," our clients say.

Eyjafjörður and the surroundings of Akureyri are stunning in the winter and ideal for snowshoeing. We take small groups into these magical winter landscapes. There is a snowshoe hike for every kind of snow. Just make sure you are dressed for the cold and up for a little adventure. Snowshoeing doesn't require any skills. If you like hiking, you will love snowshoeing. 

To make your stay in Akureyri complete, you can combine the snowshoe hike with a tour to Mývatn or Siglufjörður, or a visit to one of our natural baths.

This winter we only offer the Snowshoe Delight as a private tour. 

Tour Description:

We pick-you up or meet at the place with the best snow conditions. We take enough time to put on and adjust the snowshoes. Snowshoeing is easy, so you only need a few quick instructions before going into the frozen landscapes and exploring nature at its best. You will soon find out how much fun snowshoeing is. The snowshoes give us flotation in deep and fresh snow, and traction on slippery spots of ice.  This way the snowshoes allow us to places where we otherwise wouldn't go. Halfway the hike we offer you a warm drink with unforgettable winter vistas.

Difficulty level:


For everyone in good health with an average hiking condition. 

Be aware that snowshoeing is heavier than normal walking. On fresh snow you can sink deeper and climbing takes more effort. Also the weather influences the difficulty level; the harder the weather, the more challenging the snowshoe hike becomes.



Departure time: 

09:00 AM


3,5 hours


December – April


Beautiful winter vistas

Great excersice in the cold air

Experiencing hiking in snow landscapes


Snowshoes, hiking poles, transportation and guide (English, French, Spanish, Dutch)

What to bring:

For your own comfort and safety don't show up 'underdressed'. Weather conditions can change suddenly!

  • Waterproof and/or windproof jacket (also waterproof pants are recommended as you often sink in snow)

  • Hiking boots or solid shoes

  • Fleece or wool sweater, or both

  • Thermal underwear makes winter very comfortable

  • Winter outdoor pants. (Jeans is a bad idea. It's not warm, gets wet very easy and takes long to dry. Unless you got extra waterproof pants to cover them of course.)

  • Warm hat, scarf and gloves

  • Sunglasses and sun protection. Let's be optimistic.

  • Snack and water bottle (it is just as easy to get dehydrated during the winter as it is in the summer)

  • Small backpack can be good to put your extras in (camera, snack, water, sweater).

Please Note: 

We take a minimum of 2 people on a tour. Due to weather or road conditions the tour might take more time, less time, or be cancelled alltogether. 

For families with children under the age of 12, we have family snowshoe hikes. 

We use our snowshoes when there is enough snow, or put on trail crampons little snow but a lot of ice which can be very slippery. 


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