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 Your Horizon 

Unforgettable experiences

         in North Iceland




Wide Open offers private immersive tours and hikes off the beaten track. You can venture into the magical winter wonderland on our snowshoe hikes or indulge in the freedom of exploring on your terms with our snowshoe rental service. But what truly sets us apart is our exceptional guide, Leo. Our clients consistently praise his warm, positive demeanor and his genuine, authentic approach to guiding.

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Our leisurely tours are designed to give you a unique perspective of the well-known gems of the north. Sit back, relax, and our guide will drive you on an enchanting journey through breathtaking places while making time for stunning stops.

Our hiking trips take you off the beaten path and into pure nature, where you can challenge yourself and rejuvenate your spirit. Leave behind the hustle and bustle as you embark on unforgettable journeys through pristine landscapes. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the wilderness, where every step you take brings you closer to inner peace. Lace up your boots and let the adventure begin.


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Magical Mývatn.

Pure winter magic.

Couple Snowshoeing

"The best things to do in Akureyri

during the winter!"

Our clients.

Snowshoe adventure

When the north of Iceland

is covered in snow,

this winter trail is our favorite.




If you like hiking,

you will love snowshoeing!

Snjóþrúguleiga (þrúgur og stafi)

5000 ISK á dag    8000 ISK helgarverð

Snowshoe Rental (incl. poles)

5000 ISK per day    8000 ISK weekend 


Mount Sulur

This day hike to Akureyri's popular town mountain will reward you with a spectacular view from the top.

Sea to summit

The mountains surrounding Eyjafjörður are always inviting us to experience the breathtaking views on the fjord and surrounding valleys.

Hidden Mountain Lake

An astounding day hike in an overwhelming landscape. We recommend the ice-cold swim in this pristine mountain lake.

Myvatn in summer

Magical Mývatn. One of the jewels of north Iceland.

Dettifoss Waterfall

On this trip you will witness nature's extreme and powerful force. We think it's almost impossible to absorb all this beauty with our minds and senses.

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Leo took us on one of the most memorable adventures of a four-week holiday. I highly recommend this hiking tour for those who are interested in experiencing the hearty and pristine nature of Iceland.

I thoroughly recommend this trip. Leo, the guide, was extremely patient with us novices and rapidly had us striding out over the snow. The views were spectacular and snowshoeing is easily picked up if you enjoy hiking.

Definitely the best experience in Akureyri! So pleased we decided to do this over the other experiences on offer.

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